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Hessian sandbags are the most well known and reliable method of keeping floodwater away from property. They are flexible, hardwearing and biodegradable, meaning that the bag will naturally degrade over time.

Hessian sandbags have been used extensively for flood protection for many years. They also have excellent impact absorbing properties for applications such as military, defence and shooting ranges.

As suppliers to the Environment Agency and previous suppliers to the MOD we have supplied millions of sandbags and are able to offer 2 grades of hessian from stock. This includes our standard hessian sandbags, or a military specification rot proof alternative, which is larger and will last for longer in harsh weather conditions.

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  • 34x75cm (13x30”), 7oz hessian sandbag with tie string mouth.
  • 36x84cm, heavy duty rot proofed hessian sandbag, 9oz hessian as used by the British army. Made to BS Standard 1214 : 1977. The rot proofing extends the life of the sandbag in harsh weather conditions.
  • Heavy duty hessian sandbag - 8oz

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How much sand should go in a Sandbag?

Hessian sandbags should be filled with approximately 15kg of sand.

Even though our sand bags can hold a larger capacity, we recommend that it is filled with no more than 15kg. This is to comply with health and safety regulations and will ensure that the sandbag remains flexible. This is the ideal weight to make an effective hessian sand bag wall as the bags will mould into shape, filling any gaps and therefore reducing the risk of water penetration.


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