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Gull Proof Sack

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Reusable extra heavy duty sack prevents seagulls from accessing bin bags left out for collection. Ideal for businesses and coastal towns.

  • Size: 44x44x92cm (178 litres).
  • Adjustable velcro strap and lid seals waste inside.
  • Made from a highly durable extra thick woven polypropylene. 
  • Holds approximately six standard bin bags.
  • Base includes a 500 gram integral rubber weight to stop it blowing away when empty.
  • Tying device also prevents bag from blowing or being pulled away.
  • Cheaper alternative to wheel bins but just as effective.
  • Gull proof bags are council specification and are used by local authorities.
  • We can also print bags with a design of your choice and manufacture non standard bags to your requirements, see our 'product catalogue' in the tab below.

Live or work in an area with a high seagull population? Then a gull sack is the perfect solution to storing your rubbish. Gull proof bags can store up to six standard sized bin bags and with a nifty Velcro closure, your waste will remain inside the bag instead of being strewn across your street.

Gull proof sacks are the most effective way to protect rubbish from seagulls and vermin. Many areas in the UK are not suitable for wheeled bins, and councils will use refuse sacks which residents leave on the street to be collected. In coastal areas, seagulls can attack and split the refuse bags looking for food waste, equally in inner cities vermin and foxes can pose the same threat. Residents are then left with excess amounts of litter outside their homes and business and councils are left to clear up the mess.

Bags are made from an extra thick woven polypropylene which can not be split or punctured by seagulls and other prey. Attached to the sides are securing ties that, along with the weighted base, prevent the bag from blowing away. Seagull sacks are not only a cheaper alternative to plastic bins; they are more flexible and are great for businesses or homeowners who don’t have space or access to plastic bins.

Looking for bespoke gull proof sacks?

We sell thousands of anti seagull sacks to councils and commercial premises every year. We offer competitive bulk order discounts and are able print your logos or a design of your choice on all our seagull proof sacks. Contact us or call 0151 9341250 for a quote.


44 x 44 x 92 cm

Black 150gsm UV stabilised woven polypropylene

Velcro closure

 Weighted 500gsm rubber base

 Tipping handle

2 x secure ties

137 cm

Color Black
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