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  • Buying Guide and Terminology Info for Bulk Bags

    Bulk bags are commonly referred to as Builders bags, Tonne bags, FIBC’s, Dumpy bags. They come in a range of sizes and specifications and each type will suit different applications. This can sometimes make it difficult to determine what type will be needed for the product being packed.Usually the specification for these products will be technical and hard to understand. Find a rundown below of terms for bulk bags and their meaning. This will enable you to make informed decisions about the bulk bag you require. Continue reading

  • Guide to Packaging of Building and Construction Materials

    The building and construction trades use a vast amount of raw materials and supplies such as sand, stone, plumbed parts and minerals. These materials are usually sold in large, bulk quantities and need to be packaged effectively to get them onsite. The best solution is through various types of strong sacks which are reliable and will protect the supplies during both transport and storage. Continue reading

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