Global Recycling Day was created to recognise the importance of recycling in preserving resources and minimising our impact on the environment. By raising awareness and recycling daily, we can contribute towards a sustainable future for the planet, with

In 2021 Weirbags supplied over 1.2 million reusable recycling bags to councils and homeowners across the UK,  preventing a further 321, 000 tonnes of waste entering landfill sites. While the focus should always be to recycle waste wherever possible, it is also important to ensure waste is correctly segregated and free from contamination, as this reduces the quality and usability of recycled materials. To stop contamination, recycling can be separated into kerbside recycling bags, which are available printed and in a range of colours for easy organisation. Thanks to their strong design and weather-resistant material these bags are reusable, which allows them to be filled and emptied over and over again. They are also made from a single material, which makes them 100% recyclable at end of life.

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