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Brick Wrap - Brick Protection Cover

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  • Our NEW BRICK WRAP brick cover provides full protection for bricks when stored outside.
  • Keeps bricks dry and protected from all weather conditions
  • Bricks are confined which prevents them from collapsing
  • Vibrant yellow colour stands out for health and safety on site
  • Reusable and cost effective
  • Can be recycled at end of life
  • 2 x securing flaps at the bottom of the Brick wrap can be held down with a weight to stop the cover from coming off
  • Ey to put on and take off with the use of securing flaps

Our NEW Brick Wrap brick covers are manufactured from very heavy duty woven polypropylene with added UV protection and waterproof coating to stop cover degrading in harsh weather conditions.

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  • Brick Cover with 2 x flaps
  • Size: 53 x 53 x 76cm
  • Material: Thick woven polypropylene fabric + hi-visibility yellow coating. UV STABLE
  • Water resistant
  • Base: Open end with 2 x securing flaps attached on the outside of the bag on two sides
  • Printed with BRICK WRAP
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