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Cardboard Boxes

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Weirbags stock and supply an extensive range of recyclable cardboard boxes for shipping and moving as well as various other sectors. Cardboard boxes can be used for moving homes and international relocations; shipping or transporting stock/products between business facilities; and are stackable making them deal for use with vans/lorries and handling tools such as forklifts and trolleys.


We can supply the following products bespoke to your requirements:


  • Plain and printed 0201 glued/stitched boxes.
  • Octabins.
  • Recycle Bins.
  • Removal Boxes.
  • Archive Boxes.
  • Pallet Boxes.
  • Cardboard inserts.
  • Layer Pads and separators.

Cardboard boxes are a space-saving solution, as they can be stored flat prior to and/or after use. Our boxes are lightweight yet strong, which is beneficial for storing and transporting them, without compromising on their ability to hold your products or other items.

Brand your boxes with your design, up to 3 colours, with quality printing facility and add to the professionality of your business with your logo and captivating branding. For additional protection, we can add in our die-cut inserts and pads, which provide extra strength and impact resistance for heavier products. Boxes can be manufactured to the specific requirements of your product or business’ needs, in the quantity you require. For businesses whom need a regular supply for their activities, we can arrange re-orders at time intervals or your choice.

Minimise your packaging solutions carbon footprint with our 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly boxes. Due to their strength, cardboard boxes can be reused, which can help reduce unnecessary packaging waste.

For large quantity orders, bespoke enquiries or additional information, please contact us, or speak to one of our sales team on 0151 934 1250.

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