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Coal Sacks

Package coal and smokeless fuel with our heavy duty sacks 

There are two variants of coal sack a lightweight and a heavyweight, both are for the transport and storage of coal but for varying applications. 

Lightweight Coal Sacks are mainly for single use including a coal sack with external coating which prevents dirt from leaking out the bag. They are beneficial when selling coal to private customers as it prevents dirt from the bag spreading in personal vehicles and homes.

Heavyweight Coal Sacks have been designed for multi-trip use and are capable of holding up to 50kg. They are made from a 200gsm UV stabilised fabric and are extra heavy duty premium coal sack. 

We began selling coal sacks to businesses and retailers since in the 1960's and have built up a wealth of knowledge ever since. All coal sacks can be printed in a design of your choice. Printed or custom made coal sacks are subject to a minimum order quanity however we do stock a standard range of coal sacks that are available for purchase on our online shop. 

Should you wish to bulk order custom coal sacks or have any questions about our range please fill in the above enquiry form and we'll be sure to contact you. You can also call 0151 934 1250 to speak to one of our advisors. 

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