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Flexible Pouches

A high quality retail packaging alternative to traditional rigid containers 

With a large printing area, pouches help to create a stronger visual impact within competitive retail environments. They offer the same packaging advantages of rigid containers with the space saving benefits of flexible packaging, helping to reduce transport costs and maximise shelf space. 

We offer three main pouch types:

Stand Up Pouch 

Stand up pouches, also known as Doypack pouches, are mostly used for small volume products such as coffee, dried fruit, confectionary and cereals. These pouches are an increasingly popular form of packaging, as they are versatile and help to optimise shelf space and product visibility. Stand up pouches can also be equipped with a wide range of features that are not available on conventional packaging systems

Flat Bottom Pouch

Flat bottom pouches are sealed on all four corners creating a rigid structure that stabilises the bag, even when filled with low density products. Unlike gusseted bags, block bottom pouches have five printable panels which maximises branding and enhances shelf visibility. Flat bottom pouches are perfect for whole bean or ground coffee, tea leaves, cereals, confectionary & pet food.

Quad Seal Pouch

Quad seal pouches, which are also known as corner seal bags, come with two gussets which offer four distinctive printing panels. This maximises product branding capabilities whilst the flat base allows the bag to stand upright when filled. This spillage resistant packaging is ideal for food, coffee, tea, grain, seed & pet food.

All Pouches can be tailored to suit your products size, branding & type, listed below are a selection of the options available -


Depending on the pouch that you choose, there are a variety of additional pouch features available.


Pouches come in a range of internal materials for product protection and external materials for presentation. There are four different types of laminated film, that can be assembled as two or three layers depending on your requirements -

  • PE - Internal food grade barrier 
  • ALU - Internal aluminium barrier gives a silver appearance and are ideal for products that need a high moisture & gas barrier. 
  • METPET - Similar barrier to ALU but with a glossier finish
  • PET - External printed barrier in a matte or gloss


Graphics are printed in high definition using world class printing machines with options to suit all budget requirements. These printing capabilities provide a top quality solution, ensuring superior product presentation for your brand.

For further information please call 0151 934 1250 to speak to one of our advisors or fill out the enquiry form above. Want to buy plain pouches? Click below to view our online range. 

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