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Filled Hessian Sandbags

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Heavy duty 8oz hessian sandbag filled with sand ideal for situations where sandbags need to be installed immediately such as emergency flood protection.

  • Natural, convenient and ready to use
  • Filled in house for quick despatch in emergency flood situations
  • Available in three filled capacities – 12kg, 15kg or 20kg
  • Minimum order quantity applies to filled sandbag orders - enquire for large quantities

Filled hessian sandbags are the most widely used form of flood protection and are ideal for immediate protection of homes, businesses and river banks from flood water damage.

All our hessian sandbags come filled with dry kiln sand in a range of fabric grades and convenient capacities to suit different needs.

  • 12kg – Ideal size for traffic management. The 12kg weight is the perfect capacity to fold over the bars and hold down road and traffic signs.
  • 15kg – Recommended weight for sandbags used for sandbag walls and barriers for flood protection. When the sandbag is filled to this capacity, the bag will mould into any open spaces preventing any leakage points through the wall
  • 20kg – Filled to maximum capacity, these are perfect for any applications that require a full sandbag such as blocking holes and toilets

Looking for large quantity or emergency filled hessian sandbags?

As the main supplier of sandbags to the Environment Agency and many other businesses, we have the capabilities to provide large quantities of filled sandbags in very quick delivery timescales. We fill all our hessian sandbags in house so can accommodate bulk and emergency orders and can manage the delivery suited to your needs.

We have a range of products to suit any budget. If you require more information, simply fill in the enquiry form above or call 0151 934 1250 to speak directly to one of our sales advisors.

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