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Filled Rot Proof Sandbags

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Ministry of Defence specification hessian sandbag with rot proof additive filled with sand.

  • Filled Rot Proof sandbags come delivered filled and ready to use.
  • Larger and stronger than traditional sandbags.
  • The rot proof sandbag is the sandbag of choice for the MOD and the Environment Agency.
  •  In stock and available for quick delivery and emergency orders.
  • Available filled in the following capacities – 12kg, 15kg or 20kg.
  • Ready to be installed immediately.
  • MOQ required for filled sandbag orders - enquire for large quantities.

Filled rot proof sandbags are great for protecting doorways, businesses and river banks from flood water damage. The rot proof additive prevents the bag from rotting, making them perfect for long term applications such as flood barriers and military uses.

Filled MOD specification sand bags comes available in following filled capacities:

  • 12kg – This is generally used for traffic management. This capacity allows the sandbag to fold over bars on traffic signs whilst still being heavy enough to weigh it down effectively.
  • 15kg  - This is the optimal filling weight for building barriers against flood water. It allows the sandbags to be stacked effectively for sandbag walls without creating any gaps whilst also being suitable for manual handling.
  • 20kg – This is the maximum filling capacity and is ideal for situations where maximum weight is required such as traffic management.

Looking for large quantities of filled rot proof sandbags and require urgent delivery?

We fill all our sandbags in house and keep massive amounts of stock in our warehouse ready for emergency situations. We are the contracted suppliers to the Environment Agency and supply millions of filled sandbags to businesses every year. We have proven experience of delivering large volume orders within urgent  timescales. 

We have a range of products to suit any budget. If you require more information or over 60 filled sandbags, simply fill in the enquiry form above or call 0151 934 1250 to speak directly to one of our sales advisors. Alternatively see our catalogue under the 'product catalogue' tab.

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