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Foodgrade Bulk Bag (Skirt Top + Outlet Spout / Inlet + Outlet Spout)

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FIBC’s are the key packaging solution for processing bulk amounts of granular food items such as rice, oats, seeds and flour.

  • Size: 95x105x130cm (Inlet+ Discharge Spout)
  • 100x100x129cm (Skirt Top + Discharge Spout)
  • Discharge spout on base for easy discharging of contents
  • Available with skirt top or filling inlet on top
  • Extra heavy duty woven polypropylene fabric with UV protection
  • Safety Factor 5:1. Tested and certified to hold 1000kg
  • Manufactured in BRC and AIB/ISO22000 accredited food grade facilities
  • FIBC’s are thoroughly checked, tested and stored to food grade requirements.
  • Compatible with all automated food grade filling systems
  • We can also print bags with a design of your choice and manufacture non standard bags to your requirements, see our 'product catalogue' in the tab below.

We’ve been supplying FIBC bags to the food production sector for over 50 years and have built up an enviable reputation for top quality products and service within the food processing industry. Our food grade bags are sold throughout many sectors including packaging for; salt, rice, oats, herbs and spices, flour and other bakery ingredients.

All our food grade production facilities are BRC and AIB/ISO22000 accredited. FIBC’s are manufactured under strict food grade and pharma conditions, including full traceability systems so that you can be assured that our bags are fully food grade compliant. These include;

  • Ultrasonic cutting of fabric
  • Separate clean room facilities
  • Heat sealed threads
  • Airwash treatment of fabric
  • Metal detection
  • Kosher and Halal certified
  • Glass and hard plastics detection
  • Sift proof seams

Once manufactured, FIBC bags are palletised and stored in our food grade warehouse facilities in overhead racking where they are securely wrapped to prevent any risk of contamination.

The majority of our FIBC bags are manufactured to order and stored in our warehouse. We can supply food grade bags bespoke with additional features or printing as required. We also offer very competitive pricing on trade and large orders. See our catalogue under the 'product catalogue' tab or contact us on 0151 934 1250.





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