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Food grade Polythene Liner Blue

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A versatile packaging solution, ideal for use with a range of food stuffs in a variety of sectors. 

  • Watertight and leak-proof material makes liners suitable for finer food stuffs, such as seeds and grains, and liquids. 
  • Made from strong and lightweight 80MU (Micron)  Polythene - impact and wear resistant. 
  • Blue-tinted for an improved aesthetic appearance. 
  • Manufactured to foodgrade standard in BRC approved facilities.
  • Size: 535 x 950mm. 
  • Supplied open and easily sealed using cable ties or similar (not included).



Our Food grade Polythene liners are perfect for storing and transporting all kinds of food stuffs. Our food grade production facilities are BRC and AIB/ISO22000 accredited. Our packaging is manufactured under strict food grade and pharma conditions and are rigorously tested. This includes full traceability systems to ensure our packaging products are fully compliant and fit for purpose as a result. Methods include:

  • Ultrasonic cutting of fabric.
  • Separate clean room facilities.
  • Heat sealed threads.
  • Airwash treatment of fabric.
  • Metal detection.
  • Kosher and Halal certified.
  • Glass and hard plastics detection.
  • Sift proof seams.

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  • 80MU (Micron) Polythene.
  • Size: 535 x 950mm. 
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