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Foodgrade Paper Sacks + Liner

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Extra strong paper sack manufactured from food grade friendly paper and internal polythene liner

  • Multi ply bags for extra strength and durability
  • Paper sacks are environmentally friendly and perfect for a natural branding feel
  • PE Liner prevents any leakage through the bag
  • Liner also provides a water proof barrier between the product and the outside of the bag
  • Two size options available;
    • Medium -420 x 75 x 780mm – 42L capacity
    • Large –420 x 75 x 840mm -  46L capacity
  • We can print bags with a design of your choice or manufacture non standard bags to your requirements. Please see our product catalogue section below.

Our paper sacks for food have been manufactured and stored under strict food grade conditions. We are able to brand all our paper bags with a design of your choice and are very competitive on large quantities. Please see our catalogue under the 'product catalogue' tab, contact us or call 0151 934 1250 to speak to one of our sales representatives.


3 ply food grade paper sack - 420x75x780mm

  • STYLE: 3 ply food grade paper sack
  • CONSTRUCTION: 3ply x 70gm Natural Kraft
  • SLIP: Low slip
  • TOP: Open mouth, cross paste top
  • BOTTOM: Stitched bottom,

2 ply food grade paper sack - 420x75x840mm

  • CONSTRUCTION: 2 ply x 100gm Natural Kraft
  • Open mouth
  • Stitched bottom with brown (kraft coloured) crepe
  • PRINT: Unprinted
Color Natural
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