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Helicopter Bag Multi-trip

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Multi trip material lifting bulk bag made from extra heavy duty fabric

  • Tested and certified to carry 1000kg.
  • Designed for transporting materials to remote areas which are normally inaccessible by truck or lorry.
  • Reinforced sides for extra stability during and after flight
  • Extended and reinforced loops which can be loaded onto the single point lifting apparatus on the helicopter.
  • We can also print bags with a design of your choice and manufacture non standard bags to your requirements, see our 'product catalogue' in the tab below.

Helicopter lifting bags are specially designed for transporting materials to remote areas which are normally inaccessible by truck or lorry.

Used by national parks and helicopter contractors, the bags transport bulk quantities of almost any material such as stone and other aggregates for rebuilding landscapes, flood protection or removing waste.

When transporting external loads, quality and safety is of the upmost importance. That’s why our helicopter lifting bags are manufactured to British standards with extended and reinforced loops so that they can be loaded onto a single point lifting apparatus. The bags extra thick, heavy duty fabric has been fully tested and assured to carry 1000kg and whilst also providing multiple uses from one bag.

Available in a standard white fabric or a specialised black fabric which is preferred by certain customers due to its ability to blend in with landscape more effectively. 

Additional Options Available on request:

  • Made to order service to suit any printed, bespoke or unusual requirements.
  • Reinforced sides for extra stability
  • Skirt top to seal contents inside during and after flight
  • Custom printing service for the display of logos and branding on the bags

For more information please see our catalogue under the 'product catalogue' tab or contact us on 0151 934 1250

  • FIBC Helicopter bag
  • SIZE: 95*95*95 cm
  • FABRIC: black woven PP uncoated 170 gsm + UV stable additive
  • TOP: Open hemmed BASE: Flat
  • LIFTING LOOPS:  4 x 100cm free height black
  • SWF: 6:1 1000 kg
  • W&C safety label+ special airlift bulk bag

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