Our Services - In house Printing & Sewing

We are specialists in the supply of branded sacks and customised packaging and have our own factory with specialised printing machines, cutting and sewing facilities. We are proud to have a team of long serving, experienced printers and machinists who can customise our range of bags to your requirements. We have been providing this added value service for over 40 years and are able turn orders around and have them delivered to the customer quickly.

Brand Your Packaging

 High quality printing service for company logos, branding, or instructions for use.

All of our product range can be printed in almost any design up to 3 colours.

We also offer a premium gravure printing service for photographic standard designs in up to 8 colours.




Customise your Packaging

Specific colour sacks and fabrics made to your requirements.

Bags made into bespoke shapes and sizes can be manufactured in-house out of flat woven pp fabric sewn by our specialist machinists.

Additional handles, eyelets or closures can be added as required.

New packaging solutions can be designed in house to accomodate any application.


We also have an in house design team who can create new packaging solutions specific to your needs. We regularly create unique packaging products designed for our customers for bespoke applications. Our sales team will be happy to help you with any advice or recommendations for packaging products to suit your needs.

We welcome any enquiry so give us a call on 0151 934 1250 or contact us.

Please note: bespoke and customised sacks require minimum order volumes based on the type of requirement. Give us a call for more information.