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Insulated Delivery Box + Gel Ice Packs

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  • Insulated delivery boxes with insulated liners and gel ice packs available in 3 sizes. Our temperature controlled packaging range keeps food items between 0-8 °C for up to 48 hours during transit or delivery.
  • An all-in-one solution for fresh produce wholesalers, butchers, meal prep brands and a variety of cold food delivery business types. Avoid risks that could harm your customers and your business with safer food transportation and delivery.
  • Each pack includes; a double-walled cardboard box, insulated box liner and reusable gel ice packs.
  • Water resistant foil envelope liner prevents leakage and provides impact resistance to protect goods from damage during transportation. 
  • Keep food items such as meat, fish and ready meals fresh during transit and ensure your food products are safe for consumption once delivered to customers.
  • Reusable gel ice packs outperform water alternatives and can easily be disposed of down toilets or sinks.
  • Removable liners can be reused in the case of the box wearing out after long-term use. 
  • Delivered flat-packed for quick and efficient storage and use. 

Our insulated delivery boxes are an effective chilled packaging solution for keeping food cool during delivery. Maintaining temperatures between 0 and 8 degrees celsius for up to 48 hours, our all-in-one solution features cold food delivery boxes with insulated box liners, to prevent unwanted warming. This optimum ambient temperature is then maintained by reusable gel ice packs (included), which can be placed around contents to create a temperature controlled environment perfect for keeping food fresh and safe for consumption. Available in 3 sizes to accommodate food items of a range of sizes and quantities and also to ensure there is as little space wasted as possible, to make packaging efficient and to maximise the cooling effect of the insulated boxes. Our gel ice packs have been tested against standard water ice packs commonly available and have shown a vastly superior performance both in freezing temperatures, but also the longevity of the cooling they provide. These, combined with our insulated box liners make for a powerful chilled packaging solution able to resist temperature rises typically detected within transport vehicles, warehouses and retail environments. These in-between stages are where food products are most vulnerable to spoiling as food items with very specific requirements may do so even if they're only left for short periods of time. Our chilled packaging provides peace of mind and let's you focus on your business and customers without the worry of food hygiene shortcomings that may raise health concerns. 

Not only do you have an ideal solution for keeping food products cool during delivery, our off-white boxes are an aesthetically appealing packaging solution either for retailing or your logistics network. At their end of life, simply recycle the boxes, reuse the liner and dispose of the gel ice packs' contents easily. Bespoke printing available for large quantity orders - get your food delivery company branding on your perfect temperature controlled delivery solution. Please call us on 0151 934 1250 or contact us  to make an enquiry and our team will be happy to help.


Small Box + Foil + Coolant Set

  • 24.5 x 24.5 x 24cm
  • White Double-walled Cardboard Box
  • Insulating Foil Pouch with impact resistant bubble protection
  • Manufactured from LDPE/LLDPE + Metallised Polyester Laminate
  • Food grade
  • 2 x 500g gel coolant
  • Performance – Keeps contents at 0-8°C degrees for up to 48 hours

Medium Box + Foil + Coolant Set

  • 34.5 x 34.5 x 24cm
  • Double-walled Cardboard Box (White)
  • Insulating foil pouch with impact resistant bubble protection
  • Made from food grade LDPE/LLDPE + Metallised Polyester Laminate
  • 4 x 500g Gel Coolant
  • Performance – Keeps contents at 0-8°C degrees for up to 48 hours

Large Box + Foil + Coolant Set

  • 40.5 x 40.5 x 30cm
  • Double-walled Cardboard Box (White)
  • Impact resistant bubble protection with insulating foil pouch
  • Made from food grade LDPE/LLDPE + Metallised Polyester Laminate
  • 6 x 500g Gel Coolant
  • Performance – Keeps contents at 0-8°C degrees for up to 48 hours
Color White
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