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Monofilament Net Bags

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Reusable monofilament close weave bag perfect for storing kindling and small quantities of fresh produce.

  • Size: 38x50cm
  • Monofilament fabric has a smoother surface and is less prone to snagging
  • Weave construction allows maxiumum airflow and ventilation
  • Drawstring secures contents in the bag
  • Holds up to 5kg, depending on size of product
  • Primarily used for kindling, but can be used for onions, potatoes and other vegetables

Great for storing kindling, these monofilament net bags are much smoother that traditional net bags and are less likely to snag. The close knit weave still allows air to circulate letting contents breathe. The transparency of the bag also provides excellent product visibility for retailers. The drawstring closure at the mouth of the bag also allows you to seal the contents. Although mostly used commercial for kindling or live produce these net bags are also great for general storage and/or household groceries.

We are experienced suppliers of both PP leno and raschel net bags, in a range of size and colour configurations. Our bags are strong and hard-wearing and prevent mould, improving product longevity. For this reason, our net bags make an ideal packaging solution for logs, vegetables and shellfish. Weirbags can also offer additional laminated labels printed with your logo or design of your choice, which can be attached to your net bags.

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  • Green HDPE monofilament fabric
  • 38 x 50cm
  • White drawstring at the mouth
  • 5kg capacity
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