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Paper bin liners/durable paper refuse sacks

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  • Made from natural kraft 2 ply paper - an eco friendly, biodegradable alternative to plastics.
  • Completely biodegradable: The paper will biodegrade along with its contents.
  • Liners fit 140 and 240 litre wheeled bins or can stand alone.
  • Wide base provides improved stability and easier filling.
  •  Full wet strength paper prevents waste leaking and damge during extended periods of dampness.
  • All sacks have Ok compost and Din certco certification.
  • Dimensions: 140L - 700x250x950mm, 240L - (870x300x1050mm).

Weirbags paper bin liners provide a green alternative to typical plastic liners, without compromising strength and resistance. These paper refuse sacks are an environmentally friendlly, 100% biodegradable option, allowing users to minimise their use of plastic. Our paper bin liners come with a wet strength construction, which prevents them splitting and leaking contents during usage in adverse conditions. This strength is reinforced by the block bottom design, which allows the liner to stand alone during filling and storage prior to composting. 

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