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Paper Shredding Sacks with Secure Seal

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Dispose of confidential waste quickly and effectively with our shreddable secure seal paper sacks

  • Available in 3 sizes Small (45 litres), Medium (62 litres) and Large (75 litres)
  • Made from single ply 100gm paper
  • Sacks are block bottom based providing stability and increased volume
  • Supplied with adhesive tamper evident lip that preventing access once sealed
  • Sacks can be shredded along with contents providing additional security
  • 100% recyclable and biodegradable

Avoid packaging separation by using paper shredding sacks

Our shredding bags are manufactured from thick paper and are specifically designed for confidential waste collection and disposal. Equipped with a self- adhesive lip at the mouth of the bag, once filled they can be sealed securely. This tamper evident lip prevents unauthorised access as the entire sack can be shredded along with the contents, ensuring complete protection and confidentiality. This method of disposal is not only secure, but also cost effective as it eliminates the need to empty the paper sacks prior to shredding saving on unnecessary separation. 

Can bags of shredded paper be recycled?

Generally speaking, local councils are not able to recycle shredded paper waste. This is due to the pieces of shredded paper being too small for the machines which sort and process recycling materials. Suggested uses for shredded documents include kindling for fires or animal bedding.

How to bag shredded paper for recycling

Most councils accept shredded paper for recycling, but it has to be free of contaminants such as glossed paper, staples or transparent windows. It must also be securely bagged and easily identified. Purpose-designed recycling sacks incorporate a sealing strip. The entire sack is then recycled without re-opening it, providing additional protection for your confidential paperwork.

Where can I get rid of bags of shredded paper?

Some local authorities will take bags of shredded waste paper away for recycling. It is best to check with your council. It is also possible to purchase bags for confidential shredding that are sent away to be processed, ensuring the safe and confidential disposal of sensitive materials.

Subject to a minimum order quantity paper shredding bags can be manufactured to your requirements. We are able to offer coloured printed paper sacks which can include logos, instructions for use and maximum fill lines.

We have a range of products to suit any budget, simply fill in the enquiry form above or call 0151 934 1250 to speak directly to one of our sales advisors. Alternatively see our catalogue under the 'product catalogue' tab.



  • 45 litres (Approx 6kg of paper)
  • 480 x 640+160mm


  • 62 litres (Approx 9kg of paper)
  • 495x800+160mm


  • 75 litres (Approx 17kg of paper)
  • 560x820+160mm

All Sacks

  • All bags are unprinted
  • 1 Ply 100gm Bleached Kraft Paper
  • Self seal strip
  • Block Bottom
  • Open Mouth
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