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PP Console Sack

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A super heavy duty confidential waste paper sack designed to be used in shredding consoles and cabinets.

  • Bag size: 75x80cm (Can hold approx 70 litre)
  • Significantly more durable than traditional nylon sacks
  • Hooks easily onto shredding consoles ready for paper collection 
  • B-lock closure adds extra security
  • Tipping handle for easy and safer emptying
  • Reusable and more cost effective than nylon shredding sacks

A reusable longer lasting alternative to nylon sacks

Traditionally shredding cabinet sacks are made from nylon, however our NEW harder wearing sack is made from a woven polypropylene fabric. Woven polypropylene is known for its durability and unlike nylon it will not tear which makes it the perfect fabric to use for console sacks. Equipped with 10 eyelets the sack can be easily attached in an open position to the hooks inside a shredding cabinet ready for your confidential waste to be deposited into. Once filled and detached from the console, the sack is closed using the drawstring closure which can be tightened and secured with a B lock to keep the contents inside safe. 

Why choose our Console Strong Sack?

  • Light weight and flexible material
  • Capable of holding up to 20kg
  • Bag Size - 750x800mm
  • To fit standard lockable console = 900x500x500
  • Secured with B Lock closure
  • Multiuse - can be used for general storage of laundry, linen etc.

A great advantage of this sack is it's reusability which is ideal for offices who dispose of a large amount of confidential waste paper. Subject to a minimum order quantity, these shredding sacks can also be manufactured in range of colours with customer logos or instructions for use printed on the outside. 

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  • Blue 900 denier woven polypropylene
  • 1 x drawstring B- Lock closure
  • 10 x hanging eyelets
  • 75 x 80 cm
  • Capacity - 12-13kg of paper
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