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Printed Kerbside Recycling Bags

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  • We are able to offer bespoke kerbside bags customisable by:
  • Fabric – manufactured from woven polypropylene fabric in a range of weights and thicknesses. Our innovative PET Kerbside bag is made from fully recycled PET material.
  • Handles – two reinforced lifting handles and tipping handle on the bottom, or new side tipping handles for easier emptying.
  • Lid - Open top or lid with Velcro closure prevents recycling from blowing away.
  • Fabric Colour - Supplied in a wide range of colours. Stain proof and easy to clean.
  • Weighted Base - Provides extra stability in windy conditions. Made from either recycled rubber meaning the bag will be made from 50-75% recycled material, or from virgin polypropylene (same material as bag) meaning the bag can be recycled at end of life.  Available in weights ranging from 250g- 1000g.
    Print - Printing on up to 4 sides. Ideal for displaying council logos and instructions for use.
  • Size - available from 20-180ltr to suit any application. Our most popular sizes are; 30x30x45 cm = 40 litre, 35x35x50 cm = 60 litre, 40x40x45 cm = 72 litre, 45x45x45 cm = 90 litre, 45x45x60 cm = 120 litre.
  • Closure - Our easy open and close bag offers a unique closure system using Velcro to seal the top of the bag and prevents contents escaping.
  • Style - Standard Box Bag, Easy open closure, Flat Sack, Battery Bags and Gull Proof Sacks available.

We have supplied printed and bespoke kerbside bags to councils and organisations throughout the UK for over 20 years and are proud to be listed as approved suppliers on a range of public sector purchasing frameworks. These include: YPO Recycling Products Framework, ESPO 860 Framework, Warrington Framework for kerbside bags, Scotland Excel Framework for lot 3 kerbside boxes and reusable sacks and The EPH for reusable kerbside recycling sacks.

For more information, pricing and bespoke enquiries, please contact us, or call 0151 934 1250 to speak to one of our sales advisors.

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