Quality & Accreditations

As an ISO9001, IS014001 and ISO18001 company we take quality very seriously. Premium service, products and care have been woven into every aspect of our business.

As part of our continuous improvement initiative we actively look for ways to improve our quality and services and have the following internal processes -

Carrying out annual in depth customer satisfaction research. The feedback we receive is then used for continuous improvement of all areas of our business from customer service to quality and delivery timescales. In 2017 we received an outstanding 97% customer satisfaction rating. 

Internal ISO certification and compliance audits. Every year a thorough audit is conducted at our premises in Bootle and so far we have successfully retained our three ISO accreditations. 

Making a concerted effort to continually improve our processes in order to become a more environmentally friendly business. As part of our commitment to the environment we now only use water based inks for printing and have implemented a range of energy saving initiatives within the company to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our packaging products are designed for robust industrial and commercial applications. We believe packaging should be bought for a purpose and not used wastefully. That’s why we use our product development experience to create products which help our customers to improve their impact on the environment. This includes our innovative range ‘Britwrap Reusable Transit Packaging'. 

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