Woven PP Dunnage Airbags

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Reusable woven polypropylene dunnage bags fill void areas within containers. This prevents movement of goods inside the container which eliminates damage during shipment.

  • Protects goods right through to destination.
  • Prevents costly damage in transit. Air bags are reusable, making them excellent value compared to traditional load securing techniques.
  • Easily inflated within a few minutes. Their lightweight nature means they can be easily slotted inside void areas.
  • 100% leak proof. Produced under ISO9001 standards and tested thoroughly so your product protection is guaranteed.
  • Adaptable –Two size options available to suit any type of load and filling any shape or area.(90 x 120cm / 90 x 150cm).
  • Quick lock valve for easy inflation.
  • To be filled using dunnage airgun.