Printed Kerbside Recycling Bags

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  • We are able to offer bespoke kerbside bags customisable by:
  • Fabric – manufactured from woven polypropylene fabric in a range of weights and thicknesses. Our innovative PET Kerbside bag is made from fully recycled PET material.
  • Handles – two reinforced lifting handles and tipping handle on the bottom, or new side tipping handles for easier emptying.
  • Lid - Open top or lid with Velcro closure prevents recycling from blowing away.
  • Fabric Colour - Supplied in a wide range of colours. Stain proof and easy to clean.
  • Weighted Base - Provides extra stability in windy conditions. Made from either recycled rubber meaning the bag will be made from 50-75% recycled material, or from virgin polypropylene (same material as bag) meaning the bag can be recycled at end of life.  Available in weights ranging from 250g- 1000g.
    Print - Printing on up to 4 sides. Ideal for displaying council logos and instructions for use.
  • Size - available from 20-180ltr to suit any application. Our most popular sizes are; 30x30x45 cm = 40 litre, 35x35x50 cm = 60 litre, 40x40x45 cm = 72 litre, 45x45x45 cm = 90 litre, 45x45x60 cm = 120 litre.
  • Closure - Our easy open and close bag offers a unique closure system using Velcro to seal the top of the bag and prevents contents escaping.
  • Style - Standard Box Bag, Easy open closure, Flat Sack, Battery Bags and Gull Proof Sacks available.