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Seagull Proof Bags

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Seagull Proof Bags
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The most effective way to protect rubbish left out for collection from seagulls and vermin. 

Many areas in the UK are not suitable for wheeled bins, and councils will use refuse sacks which residents leave on the street to be collected. In coastal areas, seagulls can attack and split the refuse bags looking for food waste, equally in inner cities vermin and foxes can pose the same threat. Residents are then left with excess amounts of litter outside their homes and business and councils are left to clear up the mess.

Gull proof sacks are a cost effective solution to this problem.  Weir & Carmichael are leading suppliers of gull proof sacks, selling thousands of bags to local authorities and commercial premises each year

Gull proof bags are made from thick black woven polypropylene fabric which cannot be split or punctured by seagulls or other animals/pests. Velcro fastenings at the top secure the contents in place without leaving space for the gull to get inside the sack. They also have a securing device which can be tied to a fence or post for added protection.

Our gull proof sacks can be printed with logos and instructions for use. We are also able to supply seagulls bags with weighted bases and our standard sack can hold up to six refuse sacks.

Buy online HERE or for bulk order discounts and bespoke sacks fill out the above enquiry form.

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