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Returnable Paper Mailing Bag + Despatch & Return Seal

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  • Eco-friendly alternative to plastic mailing bags.
  • 100% Biodegradable, sustainable and recyclable.
  • Made from best quality FSC certified paper engineered to withstand multiple journeys.
  • Double self seal strip and a tear away section allows bag to be used for despatch and return
  • Available in a range of sizes, with expandable bottom and gusset options.
  • Click and Collect Paper Bags with handles and double self seal strip also available.

Our robust paper mailers are fully recyclable at their end of life, while also being biodegradable in compost heaps or similar, thanks to the water based blue and inks used. Our reusable retail mailing bags are an ideal solution for shipping retail items without adding additional plastic waste to the environment or cutting down unsustainably grown forests. Our mail sacks are manufactured in Sweden using green electricity. For every tree used our paper mill plants three more.

Simply include your return form inside, or provide details on your website or order confirmations and your customer will be able to quickly and easily return unwanted items without using additional packaging. Detailing this in your product offering and advertising to lets your customers know you’re committed to a sustainable packaging strategy while providing reassurance in the case that they’re not satisfied wit their order or they ordered the wrong product. Our paper mailers outperforms standard paper, providing durability and water resistance necessary for surviving postal networks where they may spend short periods of time outdoors. Making a return has never been simpler. Once the upper adhesive strip has been used to seal the mailer for its journey to your customer, the tab can be ripped away, allowing customers to reuse the mailer to return their order.

These bags can be printed with your choice of design to feature your branding to create a premium, luxurious packaging solution to contribute positively to your brand’s identity and your customers’ resultant impression. Do this without compromising on sustainability or adding to the carbon footprint of your products. We use biodegradable water-based inks that prevent contamination and pose far less of a risk in the case of accidental pollution.

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