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Antihumidity Container Desiccants

Keep your cargo dry with SeaDry

SeaDry container desiccant is a high performing moisture absorber for freight containers. The climatic changes a shipping container will experience can cause various types of damaging condensation. These include; cargo sweat; where moisture collects on the surface of the cargo, or container sweat; where moisture condenses on the inner walls and ceilings of cargo containers. Both of these can drastically damage cargo, rendering it unsuitable for sale. Container dessicants help eliminate this by:

  • Reducing moisture levels by up to 50%
  • Preventing condensation and moisture damage
  • Protecting against mould, rust, corrosion, product odour and colour changes, damp and moisture damage during shipment
  • Each pouch is able to take on up to 200% of its own weight in water

There are a range of options to suit different applications and requirements. The type and amount of desiccants required can vary based on factors such as cargo type, journey duration, climatic conditions and packaging materials used, we are able to supply the following variations -

SeaDry Pole –  These desiccant strips are contained in a protective casing and come with an attachment hook that can be easily positioned below container ceiling. Moisture absorption >2.4 litres

SeaDry Hook –Comes with hook which allows desiccants to be positioned easily and fits neatly into grooves within container walls. Moisture absorption > 1.2/2.4 litres

SeaDry Strip – Perfect for confined spaces.  An adhesive strip allows desiccant to be positioned anywhere within the container. Moisture absorption >1.5 litres

SeaDry Single – Small and convenient individual desiccant packets. Available with or without adhesive strip and can be positioned anywhere. Moisture absorption > 0.25l

SeaDry Blanket – Can be laid on top of cargo for maximum moisture absorption. For use in tightly packed containers. High moisture absorption > 3 litres

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