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Tunnel Lift Builders Bag

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Tunnel Lift Builders Bags have been specially designed for use with fork lift trucks. The two continuous tunnels run along the sides of the bag allowing for easy loading onto truck forks.

  • Size: 75x85x95cm.
  • Capacity 1000KG.
  • Safety factor 5:1.
  • Saves time during the filling and discharging process.
  • Improves safety and makes transportation of the bag a one man operation.
  • Made from extra heavy duty woven pp fabric.
  • Stackable and space saving.
  • We can also print bags with a design of your choice and manufacture non standard bags to your requirements, see our 'product catalogue' in the tab below.

Tunnel lift bulk bags, also referred to as aggregate bags, are popular in the building and construction industries.

They differ to standard builder’s bags as they come with two sleeves at the sides of the bag alongside the traditional 4 lifting loops. The sleeves are then reinforced to stop the tunnel ripping or coming away from the body of the bag. The two sleeves create a tunnel in which the forklift truck can slide into making bags easier to transport. This makes them perfect for holding large amounts of granular products such as sand, stone and gravel.

Aggregate bags provide reduced labour and handling benefits as they will only require a one person load to put the loops onto the forks. It also eliminates the need to use a pallet to transport bags. Tunnel lift bags can also be stacked to provide space saving benefits.

The nature of aggregate bags means they are usually kept at the side of roads providing an excellent opportunity for advertising and exposure. We offer a high quality printing service for bespoke bags printed with your design.  

  • Standard unprinted tunnel lift bags are available from stock - Size: 73x90x90cm
  • Customised Tunnel lift bags available at excellent prices.
  • Range of fabric colours and printed with logos

For large quantity discounts or printed tunnel lift bags please see our catalogue under the 'product catalogue' section or contact us on 0151 934 1250.

  • Size: 75x85x95cm
  • Open top/flat bottom
  • Capacity: 1000kg
  • Safety factor 5:1
  • 2 reinforced tunnel lift loops on the 85cm width
  • 4 lifting loops
  • Heavy duty woven white fabric with added UV protection
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