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Industrial standard wire ties used to secure and close all types of sacks and fabric.

  • An extra durable solution that will not rip when secured
  • Made from a heavy duty annealed steel which is looped at both ends
  • Ties are 20cm (8") long and are sold in packs of 1000
  • Simply twist with a wire tying tool to secure

Wire ties are quick and extra tough way to secure sacks and tubing. They must be used with a wire tying tool which loops the ties at both ends and twists to form a secure closure. Unlike most cable ties these ties are made from annealed steel and will not rip when secured properly. Sold in packs of 1000.

Need a wire tying tool to accompany your wire ties? We have one for your just here.

  • Black annealed steel
  • Length – 8 inches
  • Thickness 1.25mm (17 Gauge)
  • 2 x looped ends
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