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Standard Woven Polypropylene Sacks

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Strong, durable and reusable woven polypropylene sacks are ideal for almost any packaging requirement.

  • Largest range of pp sack sizes available online.
  • Heavy duty woven fabric is tear and rip resistant.
  • Woven nature also makes sacks breathable.
  • Larger sizes manufactured from 800 denier fabric.
  • Smaller sizes manufactured from between 850-900 denier fabric.
  • Easily sealed and secured with cable ties (not included).
  • Ideal for a vast range of applications including: rubble, waste, packaging, building materials, nuts & bolts, seeds, powders, livefood, shredding and textiles.

We can also print bags with a design of your choice and manufacture non standard bags to your requirements, see our 'product catalogue' in the tab below.


We are one of the largest suppliers of Woven Polypropylene, supplying the UK for over 50 years with annual sales in excess of 12 million sacks. We hold a massive range of stock sizes at our head office in Liverpool accommodating almost any enquiry.

Lightweight and breathable, woven polypropylene sacks are a packaging solution made from plastic polypropylene fabric. Its woven construction makes the bag strong, tear resistant and allows air to circulate within the bag whilst also being waterproof. These characteristics make it ideal for almost any application but they are particularly suited to agricultural, farming, building and construction materials.

The woven nature of white hessian also makes the bag flexible, so it can accommodate large amounts of heavy or sharp items without the bag being ripped or torn. It also provides the added benefit of being reusable and easily recyclable. This type of packaging is hard wearing and economical, especially for bulk quantities, which makes it ideal if you require a low cost solution.

Typical uses include: Seed bags, mail bags, waste paper sacks, Waste bags, bags for nuts and bolts, refuse bags and sacks for aggregates and construction materials. 

Standard Woven PP Sacks

Standard woven polypropylene bags, also known as white hessian or pp sacks, are an ideal a reliable general packaging solution for many applications.

  • Manufactured from best quality woven polypropylene fabric.
  • High level of added UV protection prevents bag degrading in harsh sunlight.
  • Available plain or printed to your requirements.
  • Short lead times for both printing and delivery.
  • Over 50 different sizes and styles of poly sacks available for immediate delivery (from 23x31cm to 79x147cm).
  • Coloured bags and heavy duty sack options available.
  • We can also add the following extras to our bags: handles, drawstrings, eyelets and Velcro closures.
  • Can source or manufacture almost any size, style or colour of sack.
  • Massive bulk order discounts available.

If the product you need to pack is high value, susceptible to moisture damage or a fine powder, then either our coated polypropylene bags or polypropylene sacks with liners would be more suitable.

We have a range of products to suit any budget, simply fill in the enquiry form above or call 0151 934 1250 to speak directly to one of our sales advisors. Alternatively see our catalogue under the 'product catalogue' tab.


White packaging sacks manufactured from tubular woven pp fabric.

Sizes Available, Fabric Denier and Typical Uses

  • 31 x 46cm – 850d - Bags for engineered parts, fixings and fastenings
  • 38 x 51cm – 850d
  • 38 x 55cm – 900d -  12 x 12- Extra strong bag - nuts & bolts, live foods
  • 45 x 60cm - 850d  -  Bags for nuts & bolts, general packaging
  • 45 x 75cm – 850d –
  • 46 x 66cm – 900d – 12 x 12, Extra strong bag
  • 50 x 75cm – 800d –
  • 50 x 80cm – 800d -  Sacks for building materials, seed, confidential waste, pulses
  • 50 x 90cm – 800d -  Building materials, seed, confidential waste, pulses
  • 60 x 100cm - 800d - Bulky Parts, seed and animal feed, postal/ mail bags, timber parts
  • 66 x 102cm - 800d - Animal feed, seed bags
  • 68 x 114cm – 800d
  • 75 x 115cm – 800d - Any large, bulky products
  • 75 x 135cm – 800d - Any large, bulky products
  • 79 x 147cm  - 800d - Sacks for textile trade, Any large volume requirements
Color White
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