Spiral Sewn Tubing

Lay flat tubing or spiral sewn tubing is sewn on the bias and is an ideal packaging material for bulky or unusual shaped products. It provides a durable and flexible solution to tricky packaging problems.

Supplied as a continuous tube in roll form, the woven polypropylene tubing can be cut to length and tied off at either end using wire ties (also available from Weir & Carmichael). This means you only use what you need without any waste.

Lay flat tubing is sewn in a spiral fashion creating a bias that allows the tube to stretch and close tightly around the product packed. This makes it the perfect cost effective wrapping solution, especially for awkwardly shaped or hard to wrap products.

  • Sold in rolls approx 225 metres long
  • Available in a range of widths ranging from 30cm right up to 122cm width.
  • Specification is 750 denier, 10x10 weave.
  • Standard widths include: 33cm, 45cm, 61cm, 79cm, 94cm, 107cm and 137cm.
  • Typical applications include: carpet rolls, baled textiles, hoses, engineered parts and fabric rolls.