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Lawn Mower Cover

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Reusable lawnmower base cover designed specifically for covering hover lawnmower bases helping to prevent excess grass trails when mower is being transported or stored.

  • Reduces mess by preventing excess grass caught in the base from trailing over floors
  • Designed to cover  hover lawn mowers with base size ranging from 28cm - 50cm
  • Elasticated at the edge for quick and easy removal and application 
  • Cover is heavy duty and can be used multiple times

You no longer have to worry about grass trails with this hover lawn mower cover.

This elasticated cover fits directly over the base of lawnmower, where grass usually gets caught, and prevents it from trailing over floors when lawn mower is being transported. Great to use while lawn mower is in storage, not only to protect the base, but to collect any old grass stuck in the blade. 

One size fits all with this cover and it can be used on hover lawn mowers with blades ranging from 28cm – 50cm. Cover is made from a coated woven pp and can be used again and again.


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  • 79x83cm
  • 140gsm green coated woven pp fabric
  • Elasticated edges
Color Green
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