Now that spring is here and the temperatures are rising, so are the number of seagulls as they take advantage of discarded take away food and rubbish placed in black bin bags. With young gulls to feed they are quick to pick at bin bags for any tasty morsels. Once they’ve found a source of food their whole colony will move  in to bicker over the spoils.  The result is rubbish scattered over a wide area which then attracts rodents leaving an unsightly mess and creating a health hazard.

If you want to prevent this, gull proof sacks provide the answer. Made from thick heavy duty woven polypropylene  they come with a  clever velcro fastening  and can hold up to 6 full black bin bags. The gulls can’t peck their way into the bag and they keep contents secure until the rubbish is collected. Gull proof sacks also help to contain  the smells that attract gulls to rubbish. Sacks are fitted with an internal weighted base to prevent them from blowing away when empty and also have a tie that enables the bag to be attached to a fixed point.

Here at Weirbags you can buy single gullproof bags from our online shop

For larger enquiries, we keep stock of bags in our warehouse. We supply many councils around the UK with gull proof sacks. Bags can also be customised with a council print and instructions for use. Whether you’re a business, council or single user there is an option available for you.