Now that spring has most definitely sprung  thoughts are turning  to “tidying up” our gardens.

Weirbags have a range of products that can help gardeners to get on top of things. Amongst our best sellers are our kerbside  re-usable garden waste sacks.  Made from green fabric and available in 2 sizes : 90 litre and the larger 120 litre, these bags are ideal for collecting any sort of garden waste including weeds, loose twigs and branches, soil, leaves and grass cuttings. These are the same robust sacks that are supplied to many councils for green garden waste recycling.

Made from strong woven polypropylene , they will not rip or tear and their handy cube shape makes it easy to put awkward shapes into the bag. Sacks come complete with 2 lifting handles and a base tipping handle making them easy to lift and empty. Best of all they can be used time and time again. When not in use they can be folded up and stored in a garage or shed..




For larger gardening projects we offer bulk bags size 85x85x85cm. These are certified to take up to 1 tonne of material. However, please be careful when trying to move them as they can become heavy






Once you’ve got round to mowing the lawn you may also want to consider buying a lawn mower cover. This eliminates the perennial problem of grass cuttings falling off the mower when stored in the garage or in a shed. The elasticated cover completely covers the base of the mower trapping any loose cuttings inside the cover.






Finally, as the garden season wears on, you may want to consider purchasing some hessian potato sacks. Made from natural jute that allows contents to breathe and prevents rot, this hessian sack is ideal for storing potatoes in.


All of the above products can be purchased via our online Weirbags shop in varying quantities.