There’s a “National Week” for all sorts of things these days – but National BBQ Week is one of those weeks we can all appreciate, and with this year marking the 20th annual National Barbecue Week running from Monday 30th May to Sunday 5th June - there’s no reason not to celebrate.

BBQ and alfresco eating is often a pleasurable and economical alternative to visiting the local pub or restaurant. However, a BBQ probably doesn’t sound like the ideal recipe for successful waste management, but with some careful planning, it is possible to sprinkle a little shade of green to your grill - the rest is down to what you decide to cook.

Gear up and Get Garden-ready

Spring has gone, the buds are breaking and the brown, soggy mess that we once had called a lawn is gradually turning into fresh green grass. So how can you get your Garden ready?

  • Give your garden some TLC. If you’re planning a BBQ, now is the time to make way for the summer season by cutting the grass, removing the weeds, eradicating the branches, and trimming your hedges.
  • Recycle your garden greenery. Most types of garden waste can be recycled from bark, grass and hedge cuttings, plants, small branches and weeds. It’s that easy!
  • Put your greenery out for collection. With around 94% of local councils collecting garden waste every fortnight – you have no excuse not to recycle.  However, what you can and cannot recycle may differ from council to council, so it’s best to check on your local council’s website.
  • Need any cost effective and easy garden waste accessories? At Weir & Carmichael we stock a range of GARDEN WASTE BAGS ideal for collecting all types of garden waste whilst being convenient to move around and store.

Gather your Groceries

Once you’ve given your garden a tidy and filled your garden waste sack to the brim, you are probably thinking about whether you need to buy some extra items for your BBQ grill. Where do you start?

  • Gather your logs or coal. Get your BBQ fuel prepared and fully stocked up so you are prepared in advance. You can store logs or coal right through the summer months so don’t be scared to accumulate a load.
  • Buy long life food. Whilst you may want to get plenty of fresh food in, a great way to save on food waste is to utilise food that can be stored for a long time and can also be reused the next day. Foods such as potatoes can be a great long life BBQ staple.

If you are stuck for storage options for your fuel, we offer a range of great log, coal and vegetable STORAGE BAGS with breathable light material which is ideal to keep in your garage or shed.

Remember to Recycle your Rubbish

When it comes to the end of the BBQ, grabbing a black bin liner and getting your guests to put their empty bottles, paper plates and food waste into one bag may seem like the simplest solution. But what is the green solution?

  • Use segregated bins. Bin stations with different containers for mixed recycling, general waste and specific items such as glass or cardboard, are a simple and effective way to encourage participation.
  •  Put recycling containers or bags in close reach. Encourage guests to recycle throughout the BBQ instead of having to sort them out at the end of the party, or worse, throwing them into a black bin liner.
  • Choose easily recyclable or reusable items. When it comes to drinks for guests try to choose aluminium cans, cartons and glass bottles that can be recycled.  Instead of disposable, paper plates use reusable plastic or crockery which can also reduce the dreaded washing up pile!

If you need easy to use bags to help in your efforts, we have RECYCLING BAGS suitable for collection of various recyclable materials such as newspapers, cardboard, cans, plastic and glass that you can fill to your hearts content.

Be BBQ Equipped

Before you start you’re BBQ preparations, a good place to start is by investing in gardening, recycling and food storage products by contacting one of our friendly sales representatives on 0151 934 1250 or by SPEAKING TO US. You’ll find some excellent bulk and single deals that will get your outdoor feast on the go.