1. Protection against flooding

    Protection against flooding
    The relentless rain across the UK in recent months has not only battered coastlines but homes and businesses too. More than 2000 servicemen and women have been drafted in to assist with efforts against the cyclical flooding with over 300 military personal have been filling and distributing sandbags in areas affected. Even Prince Harry has been spotted helping homeowners! Sandbags have been drafted in by the thousands by the Government and homeowners to protect the worst affected areas and those prone to flooding, this once again demonstrates their excellent value against flood defence. Continue reading →
  2. Weir & Carmichael Help with Flood Relief

    Weir & Carmichael Help with Flood Relief
    We have been very busy helping support the nation throughout this recent period of extreme storms and flooding. Thousands of sandbags have been sent to various businesses and homeowners over the last few weeks to help protect people’s properties and premises. These orders included 40,000 rot proof sandbags delivered within critical time delivery to the Environment Agencies main bagging plant, which were then sent to communities to help with flood relief. Continue reading →
  3. Weir & Carmichael are now on Facebook

    Weir & Carmichael are pleased to announce we have now joined Facebook. Like us for all the latest company information, industry news and exclusive Facebook offers and competitions. Continue reading →
  4. Buying Guide and Terminology Info for Bulk Bags

    Buying Guide and Terminology Info for Bulk Bags
    Bulk bags are commonly referred to as Builders bags, Tonne bags, FIBC’s, Dumpy bags. They come in a range of sizes and specifications and each type will suit different applications. This can sometimes make it difficult to determine what type will be needed for the product being packed.Usually the specification for these products will be technical and hard to understand. Find a rundown below of terms for bulk bags and their meaning. This will enable you to make informed decisions about the bulk bag you require. Continue reading →
  5. Uses for Hessian Sacks and Fabric

    Also known as jute, hessian has cemented itself as being one of the most versatile fibres used for countless applications. It has recently faced competition from alternative materials such as woven polypropylene, polythene and paper. However, as sustainability gains in popularity in the modern day, jute fabric’s environmentally friendly benefits have enabled a revival of the material as a sustainable solution. It still remains to be one of the most in demand materials in the world with new and innovative uses being realised all the time. Continue reading →

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