Protection against flooding

The relentless rain across the UK in recent months has not only battered coastlines but homes and businesses too. More than 2000 servicemen and women have been drafted in to assist with efforts against the cyclical flooding with over 300 military personal have been filling and distributing sandbags in areas affected. Even Prince Harry has been spotted helping homeowners! Sandbags have been drafted in by the thousands by the Government and homeowners to protect the worst affected areas and those prone to flooding, this once again demonstrates their excellent value against flood defence.

Statistics analyst for the BBC, Anthony Reuben compares this years flooding to those of 2000 and 2007. He states that ‘England had the wettest January since records began in 1766 and it appears likely that it will turn out to be the wettest winter overall on record too.’ The severity of the amount of water has taken the country by surprise and has demonstrated the need for protection within a vital time frame. The Met Office have released figures that highlight the severity of the rain fall in the past couple of months, the regions worst affected where those in central southern and southeast England where winter rainfall surpassed its record since 1910.

The persistent flooding has seen the Environment Agency support local authorities and communities with information on how to protect against flooding, with sandbags being top of their list. Not only do sandbags act as a barrier to water but they also filter out any sediments that may have contaminated the water. Sandbags are a cheap alternative for the protection against flooding; they are easy to obtain with fast delivery and can be bought prefilled to take out any hassle.

Weir & Carmichael supply woven polypropylene and hessian sandbags and can offer critical time deliveries. Weir & Carmichael are also the sole supplier of rot proof sandbags to the Ministry Of Defence.


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Source: BBC News Magazine