How to Deter those Pesky Seagulls from Attacking Your Rubbish

Stepping out of your front door and seeing last night’s spaghetti bolognaise and other waste strewn over the entire street can mean only one thing, our seaside villain Mr Seagull has paid yet another visit.

Unfortunately, it’s becoming a regular scene for those of us residing in coastal areas or crowded inner cities. According to an RSPCA report the population of urban gulls has quadrupled in the last 15 years and as their numbers increase so does their tenacity. In recent years spates of seagull attacks have been hitting the headlines and harassed Britons are demanding that councils get rid of the nuisance birds.

However under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and the Wildlife (Northern Ireland) Order 1985, all species of gull are protected so using deterrents and taking preventative measures such as using gull proof sacks are an environmentally friendly option.

What are Gull Proof Sacks?

 These cleverly designed sacks are made from a heavy duty polypropylene and can fit up to six standard size refuse bags inside. Their secure hook and loop closure seals any opening to prevent seagulls from getting their pesky beaks on your waste. Additional ties allow you to secure the bag to either a pole or railings preventing the birds from taking off with your sack.

Thankfully, some councils are now providing residents and businesses who do not have access to wheelie bins with Gull Proof Sacks. Check your council’s website to see if they supply them.

Why bag a gull bag?

Stacked up rubbish bags are a tasty lure for scavenging gulls, using a gull proof sack makes your refuse unattainable, this discourages seagulls from populating in the area. Remember, gulls are sociable animals and once roof nesting begins other gulls will flock and nest in adjacent roofs until a colony is formed.

However they can’t dine if there’s no food on the table! So snap up some Gull Proof Sacks right away and conceal your rubbish.

Here at Weir & Carmichael we have supplied various councils and businesses with our ‘Gull Proof Sacks’. You can buy single gull proof bags online or speak to one of our friendly sales team about bulk order discounts on 0151 934 1250.