Sandbags Praised at the Flood Defence & Prevention Expo

The Met Office has released figures that highlight the severity of rainfall in the past year, when winter rainfall surpassed record levels since 1910. The persistent flooding has seen the Environment Agency support Local Authorities and communities with advice on how to protect against flooding, with sandbags being top of their list.

On 4th and 5th of December at ExCel, London an influential gathering of flood experts, leading authorities and suppliers to the flood defence industry will converge to improve the sophistication and effectiveness of the UK’s approach to flood prevention on every scale.

In order to keep on top of the struggle against nature we need to bring together the very best flood solutions that are available worldwide to allow us to best manage the crisis. This is exactly what the new Flood Defence & Prevention Expo is designed to do.

Weir & Carmichael will be there to represent Sandbags as the most cost effective and reliable solution to flood prevention and damage.

Throughout history, sandbags have been the first line of defence against flood water. Many alternatives have appeared on the market but sandbags still remain the top choice for governments, homeowners and businesses.

Sandbags are the cheapest option; they are easy to obtain and can be bought prefilled. Not only do sandbags act as a barrier to water but they also filter out any sediment that may have contaminated the water.

Weir & Carmichael have been a main supplier of sandbags since 1955 and are the sole contracted suppliers to the MOD and contracted suppliers to the Environment Agency.  Available from stock are a range of sandbags which includes standard woven polypropylene and  hessian sandbags, or a rot proof alternative, which is larger and will last for longer in harsh weather conditions. The hessian rot proof sandbag is the sandbag of choice for key distributors of sandbags including the MOD and the Environment Agency.

Catch us on stand F224 where we will be happy to discuss our range and what we can do for you.