Invest in New Computer System for Business Success

Weir & Carmichael have invested in a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system Syspro, designed to be used across all our operations. The new system will automate all our accounting, CMS, order management, manufacturing and distribution operations. 

This enables all information to be held in a central database meaning everything can be found quickly. Financial Director, Stephen Williams commented, “the ability to find information quickly and enter data once only will boost our efficiency and help our customers. Syspro provides the automation we need as well as having a broad range of customisation options for future use.” 

The new computer system is intended to replace our old system Streamline, and offers many advanced features and improved functionality. 2015 is Weir & Carmichael’s 60th anniversary and the investment and subsequent improved efficiency is designed to provide a firm foundation for the expansion of the business over the next decade.