Why Recycle a Battery?


So Christmas has been and gone, and as January has come to a close, all of those sparkly new gadgets Santa brought us are slowly falling victim to the case of the ‘dying battery’. Nevertheless, the life of a battery needn’t end when it fails to power your fancy DAB radio. Chemical components used in batteries can be recycled to make car parts, dish washers and even shoes! So instead of your used batteries being destined for a landfill where it will pollute our rivers and soil, it could actually end up back in your household in the form of a pair of your favourite boots.


A target was set by the EU in which 45% of all batteries must be recycled by 2016. Unfortunately this target is not being met.

What Can I Do?

You’ve read the facts and know what batteries can be recycled, but what’s next? Luckily for you, as of 2010 any retailer selling over 32kg of batteries have to provide battery recycling collection facilities in store. So all you have to do is collect your batteries and take it down to your local supermarket and dispose of them there. Our reusable battery recycling bag provide the perfect collection solution.

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